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See what other people are saying about our The Boulders apartments! At The Boulders Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Verified Resident

Exceptional assistant Manager
I love living at the Boulders Apartments, not only because of park like setting surroundings and a a peaceful serene area but also because of people who work there . One employee that stands out is Elisiah, he’s not just Assistant Manager at Boulders Apartments but he’s a friendly, always kind and ready to help no matter how busy he is. He’s got a very positive and welcoming attitude and I personally feel very comfortable sharing with him any little issues concerning my apartment or my mail box. He always finds the time to assist me and the problem is resolved. I wanted to bring up to your attention how much I appreciate Eliziah as a tenant, I feel well taken care off. The Manager is great too, she’s always smiling no matter how stressful the day is. And Albert is one of the best workers who can fix and repair anything. I hope my favorite people will be always here making The Boulders Apartments my dream home!


Verified Resident

The Best Management!
I wanted to start by thanking the new management for doing their best to make everything better. I appreciate Elijah and Lorieanne because of their kindness, they are so friendly and professional. I saw one of the reviews here about the electrical project going on right now, she clearly does not understand the purpose of this. It's for the safety of everyone and I understand it may be a lot of hassle to some, but is just depends on how you look at things, your perspective. They gave us all the options to better accommodate us during the rewiring project like a guest unit and its fully furnished, me and my mom appreciate that they are not leaving us hanging. Also, I am not sure why they seem so upset about writing checks, when they have a way to pay it using an online portal to pay rent, of course the website is different because they are not the same management. You just have to ask and communicate. To some, it may be a hassle, I say it's great because its for the safety plus, they improve the lightings. Even the lease says that we have a duty to cooperate and failure to do that is a breach of the contract and may be grounds for termination. So you all better read your leases and try to remind yourselves before being so upset when they just wanted to make sure we are safe. The previous management needed 4 people in the office just to keep this place going and multiple maintenance people, now there are just 2 of them in the office, and 2 maintenance people, Joe and Albert I think is their name and they are so awesome! I commend them for keeping this place running. Every time I call them, they answer, every time I email, they reply. They explained to me what is the purpose of the project and when I've heard about it, it made me so grateful. Me and my mom will cooperate to the best we can. Kudos to the management!



As a resident at this building, it's my pleasure to pen this review for the incredible service provided by our building maintenance team. In particular, two outstanding members Rosa and Alita, our building maintenance team's gems, who have played a significant role in our lease renewal. Their professionalism and dedication are paired with heart-warming interpersonal skills. Rosa and Alita don't just efficiently address our building concerns, they also create an inviting community atmosphere, often going the extra mile. Notably, their affection towards our community dogs, playfully interacting with them, has helped us deeply and made us feel more at home. Their diligent service, combined with their dog-loving nature, has transformed our living experience here. It's not just a building, but our home. Here's a heartfelt thank you for all their efforts!


We have been living in the boulders for 3 years now, and we are very happy with the apartment, and the community. All the team at The Boulders is very nice and take care of any issue in a efficient way. We regularly have contact with the maintenance team that is always available to respond fast to any needs in our apartment. They are very respectful and always trying to help and have the necessary knowledge to fix things around.


I’ve been living at The Boulders for about 3 years, and I love it!!! Everybody is so friendly and helpful, it really feels truly like home. Special shout out to Gammel, Rosa and Alida. They provide the best service and they’re always go the extra mile. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.


We are thrilled with our experience at this community. After moving in last February, I think it's worth noting that we have renewed our lease for another year here due to several exceptional factors. Firstly, the maintenance team is simply outstanding. They respond promptly to any requests and are always warm and friendly. They make a consistent effort to engage with residents, always greeting us so warmly. Their exceptional service was a major factor in our decision to renew. Secondly, Gammel in the leasing office has been an absolute gem. He has been incredibly helpful throughout our tenancy and it has been a true pleasure to work with him. While the complex is older and has its pros and cons, such as non-central heating and a lack of concrete between the first and second floor units, it offers updated appliances, a spacious fenced-in deck, ample storage, and sufficient water pressure. Additionally, parking is never an issue, and the efficient use of square footage is a plus. The noise that you hear in-between units isn't even that bad compared to other units we've toured in the area/lived in. Ultimately, it is the exceptional treatment from the staff that has made renewing our lease an easy decision.


After two years of good living, Im sad to leave the Boulders. The short stroll to downtown and the ease of knowing my belongings would be in good hands when I traveled are going to be severely missed. Above all of the perks listed, I have to say the staff in Gammel, Barbara and most importantly Cecilia were so helpful and understanding of my work situation as its far from ideal, but they were always so helpful and concentrated on being superbly professional at all times. Cecilia always had an amazing smile and has gone way above the norm of places I've lived. After 25 years of being active duty military and many moves to various locations, sometimes last minute, I have to say Cecilia, you've rocked it on all levels. I can't thank you enough! For the managers, owners and whomever else are decision makers for this location. Do whatever it takes to keep this Lady on staff, her professionalism and friendliness were the reason I rented at the Boulders. The only advice that I'd give you is to 1. Never let her go. 2. Find more like her... and 3. Never let this Woman leave your company. Some of the reviews I've read have been interesting and some have been funny. I'll say for my personal encounters, I never had any pest issues and i only had one issue with an item I accidentally damanged. The response to my requests came within minutes and even when i had a large package come, the staff notified me of its arrival within minutes and it made my daughters Birthday Party extra special, so on behalf of my family and I. THANK YOU for two great years!!!


Loved working with Gammel, Geovanny, Cecilia, Gerry and the other 2 ladies keeping the apartment in good shape they all have been great. This place has a lovely vibe and great apartment managers.They are super responsive, loved living here.


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